Bunker Valentin

Hitler's submarine factory on the Weser

Almost 420 meters long, around 100 meters wide and 35 meters high - the Valentin bunker in Bremen-Farge is a giant made of concrete. It was built in 1943 with the hope of bringing about a decisive turning point in the Second World War.

Things did not look good for Hitler's troops - they suffered a devastating defeat in Stalingrad and the Allies also controlled the sea routes. The Valentin bunker is therefore to be used to produce the wonder weapon: The Type XXI submarine.

The ZDF Info documentary follows a team of researchers at the Valentin bunker. With moving encounters and interviews with contemporary witnesses and descendants, the film delves into the past. Extraordinary archive material provides an impressive insight into this dark chapter of history and brings the dramatic development of the Valentin bunker to life.

Autorin: Kathrin Schwiering
Kamera: Marina Schnieders, Dirk Heth, Klaus Kurth
Ton: Veit Klück, Raimund v. Scheibner, Tobias Rüping, Helge Schröder
Schnitt: Safy Jana Reske
Licht/Elektrik: Jörg Reißner, Nils Schwan
Toningenieur: Michael Henn
Beratung: Prof. Sönke Neitzel
Recherche Archiv: Chrysanthi Goula
Sprecher:innen: Daniela Hoffmann, Ulrike Knospe, Freimut Götsch
Producerin: Alexandra Hardorf
Produktionsleitung: Hannah Lenitzki
Produktionsassistenz: Annika Michalke
Redaktion: Kathrin Beck, Christoph Pöthke

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